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Jingo Fever, by Stephanie Lowden

Bullying Immigrant Families in America – A Sad Heritage

As the author of a middle-grade novel about anti-immigrant sentiment in World War I, I know that the current prejudice against immigrants and immigrant-American families is not new. In Jingo Fever, my main character, young Adelle Klein, is bullied because she’s German-American. She lives in Wisconsin, a heavily German-American state in 1918. But World War I was raging in Europe, and a rampant patriotism was surging on the homefront. It was a difficult time to be of German origin, even if you were also an American. Jingo Fever deals with the issue of “Fear of the Other” during a time of war. [Click on book cover above to read the full post …]

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Books for International Peace Day

International Peace Day is September 21. And every other day, too. Right? If you have good books to recommend to help parents, teachers, librarians, and eager young readers…