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Sweet Home Alaska, by Carole Estby Dagg

Sweet Home Alaska – A Review of a New Deal-Era Novel

The chapter titles of Sweet Home Alaska are early indicators of the complexity and wry humor in this delightful novel. Chapter One, “Terpsichore Johnson Cooks Dinner,” begins in November 1934 in Little Bear Lake, Wisconsin, where single-minded but musically-challenged “Trip” is as much at odds with herself as she is with the expectations of her loving family. Some 50 short chapters later, Terpsichore (Terp-SICK-oh-ree) has led readers on a journey to discover the ups and downs of a new life in Palmer, Alaska, in a Depression-era homesteading community. [Click on book cover above to read the full review …]

Let Them Play - an American civil-rights baseball story

9 Baseball Books for Young Readers Hit Home Runs for Social Justice

Sports lore everywhere boasts legends of athletic prowess and humorous anecdotes, but baseball’s field of intriguing characters and stories is unparalleled in depth. Baseball books for young readers are not only a way to explore the sport, but also can introduce them to fascinating stories that consider important questions of racial diversity, gender equality, and the true meaning of the American Dream. Here’s are nine books to start discusses and help young readers learn about social justice as well as about baseball history. [Click on book cover above to read the full post …]

Quote from C.S. Lewis

“A children’s story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children’s story in the slightest.” – C.S. Lewis

Hattie's War, a middle-grade Civil War homefront novel by Hilda & Emily Demuth

Hattie’s War – A Review of a Civil War-Era Story

Eleven-year-old Hattie loves to play baseball, but is told it’s a “gentlemen’s game” (as it was considered in the 1860s when this story takes place). When Hattie’s mother commandeers the family’s backyard baseball field to plant a vegetable garden, Hattie steams. She likewise resents the fact that her younger brother gets to help out in her father’s shoe shop, but she is not allowed to assist because it’s not a “lady’s sort of job.” [Click on book cover above to read the full review …]

The Storied Past is Looking for Books

The Storied Past is looking for good books of historical fiction to recommend to young readers . . . and to adults who are in a position help…

The Storied Past is Preparing To Launch

Indeed, we are preparing ourselves to do battle with the forces of illiteracy. Those who choose to willfully neglect books worth reading, or who are distracted by other…

Quote from Astrid Lindgren

“If I have managed to brighten up even one gloomy childhood – then I’m satisfied.” – Astrid Lindgren